What Debris Can Get Caught in a Toronto Catch Basin


PROTIP: Cleaning your Toronto catch basin at least once a year could save you thousands in property damages.

Over the last several years the Toronto area has experienced some severe rain storms that have caused millions of dollars in property damage due to poor drainage. Storm drains and catch basins are essential components of drainage systems that prevent water runoff from flooding the surrounding area. In order for these simple systems to do their job effectively they need to be cleaned and free of debris. Having been in the business a long time, we have seen it all, especially when it comes to catch basins.

Here are some typical items we have cleaned out of catch basins to release a clog

overflowing catch basin


If your Toronto catch basin is on a residential property or in a commercial space, chances are it will collect a lot of leaves and twigs. We all know that as the seasons change the leaves fall and with severe weather so do branches. As these collect in and around the basin they begin to breakdown and become sticky. Attracting other debris to it which adds to the accumulation. If you see debris begin to collect around the grate, clean them off before they fall in.


It is completely normal for a Toronto catch basin to collect dirt as the grate is ground level and water flow will easily transport it from around the area. If the basin is in a high traffic area or close to a green space it may take on more dirt than it should. The accumulation of dirt is normal but when other debris and garbage is added it compounds quickly to clog the outlet pipe.


Unfortunately, we see a lot of litter end up in Toronto catch basins, especially plastic bags. Having accessible garbage bins around a commercial space can significantly reduce the amount of litter you will see. Best preventative maintenance is to make sure to clean up any garbage before it makes its way to the basin.


We see these types of blockages after there has been a renovation in the area. Instead of sweeping the area up, the items get hosed down and the water flow carries them to the nearest drain: your catch basin. We strictly advise against this practice as when it hardens in the catch basin or outlet pipe and it can be very expensive to resolve.

Prevent disaster: Be Proactive

We advise our customers to have their Toronto catch basins cleaned and checked every year to ensure they avoid any emergency situations. To learn more about our Toronto catch basin services or to set up a maintenance schedule call us at 416-291-9444.

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