A Clogged Catch Basin vs A total Collapse


PROTIP: If you notice a build up of debris on the ground around your catch basin grate, don’t wait till it falls in, remove it before it causes a clogged catch basin.

Looking through the grate it can be hard to tell what is going on inside a catch basin. Although its not overly complicated, it is important for it to be functioning properly for drainage to happen.

Why do I have a clogged catch basin?

overflowing catch basin

A catch basin is installed to direct water run off into the storm drain. Over time and during the changing of seasons we have a multitude of items that find their way onto the ground. Leaves, sticks, grass and garbage are all items that can be carried by the water run off into the basin.

The grate does what it can to stop the bigger items from getting into the basin. Gradually this waste gets compacted by gravity and with the help of the accumulating basin water, becomes a sticky and thick mess. Without regular maintenance, this build up just keeps growing, eventually leading to a clogged catch basin and flooding in the surrounding area.

Help! My catch basins collapsed! How did this happen?

Catch basins are installed in the ground and thus subject to a multitude of environmental pressures. They have to deal with the harsh Canadian winters where the ground freezes and thaws constantly.

If water gets into the surrounding ground and expands and contracts it shifts the soil around the basin. Either causing inward pressure on the foundation or not giving enough foundation support.This tension on the bricks or concrete at the top can cause parts to shift, become loose and break off. Starting an awful domino effect where surround parts of the structure follow suit and soon a whole side has collapsed. Once one part of the structure is compromised a collapse is inevitable unless fixed right away.

Weather aside, a catch basin on a road with heavy car traffic rolling over it all the time can also experience a collapse.

collapsing catch basin

Prevent disaster: Be Proactive

We advise our customers to have their catch basins cleaned and checked every year to ensure they avoid any emergency situations. To learn more about our catch basin services or to set up a maintenance schedule call us at 416-291-9444.

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