The Advantages of Hiring a Commercial Plumber in Scarborough


commercial plumbing

Commercial plumbing issues can cause major problems for businesses in Scarborough. It can be inconvenient for employees and can even ruin productivity. Whether it is an overflowing toilet, sewer leak or a basement flood, it’s crucial to hire professionals to help you.

It is important to understand that all commercial plumbers are not the same. For them to diagnose problems and repair, they must have the right knowledge, experience and tools. They are generally involved with the installation and maintenance of water supply systems or waste removal processes for various businesses.

At Trouble Shooters Plumbing, we have been providing all-inclusive commercial plumbing services since 1944. Our staff is well trained to handle issues from simple repairs to jobs involving entire office structures. We are also fully insured and licensed.

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The following points should offer a complete insight into what makes commercial plumbers stand out:

  • They are better equipped for cleaning

Cleaning drains can be very complicated in businesses, where chemicals and hazardous materials are involved. These materials result in a lot of scaling inside pipes, drains, water tanks, etc. Waste is more predominant in business establishments than in houses, which leads to more wear and tear in the former. If the pipes and drains are already clogged, you may notice unpleasant odour, slow-draining water, water backing up from the drain, etc. A commercial plumber will be better suited to deal with all these problems and identify when the next cleaning schedule should be.

  • They work well with other commercial contractors

A commercial plumber can also assist if you need to remodel and upgrade your business. Normally, during remodelling or upgrading, everything needs to get done as soon as possible. This means that all the contractors should work together. Commercial plumbers have the knowledge and experience of working in various commercial settings that require different rules and setups.

  • They will be experienced in different fixtures

In certain cases, there will be fixtures or appliances with which residential plumbers won’t have any experience in. If your business depends on a lot of high-capacity machines, you will need a commercial plumber with experience in handling them. Failing to do so could result in loss of revenue or even injuries.

  • Commercial plumbers will know all codes

Commercial plumbers are aware of the codes needed in commercial environments. Plumbing regulations for homes and businesses are different. This means that hiring a residential plumber for a commercial building might put you at risk of a lawsuit or a fine.

  • They will be able to handle disasters fast

Handling disasters quickly is very important for businesses. Even something as minor as a busted pipe can badly impact your work. The sooner you can hire a professional plumber, the sooner your business can be back on track.


Trouble Shooters Plumbing offers decades of experience and we have been a certified ContractorCheck member since 2014. We believe that our residential and commercial clients deserve to be treated with integrity and honesty. Our team is equipped with the most comprehensive job skills training programs and the latest equipment.

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