Protect your home from flooding with a Backwater valve install


Reduce Your Risk of Flooding With a Backwater Valve Install

Toronto continues to experience extreme water and drainage issues in response to the aging sewer system. The slowly draining system has created major problems for Toronto. Residents with basements in businesses and homes continue to experience flooding. Some residents who have never had a backup before do not take the risk seriously enough. However, as the sewer system ages, the City of Toronto has been urging all residents to protect their investments with a backwater valve install. There are even rebates available to assist. See more about that below or here.

How a Backwater Valve Install Reduces the Risk of Flooding

This simple device only allows water to flow one way: OUT of your home. As seen in our diagram, when the water backs up in the sewer it starts to come back up the main drain line of the home. With a backwater valve install, the water is stopped by a flap before it can flood the basement through the floor drain or other fixtures. Once the pressure from the sewer side is released the flap goes back to a normal position, allowing water to flow back out.

how a backwater valve works

Health and Your Home

As a homeowner you know what you flush and put down your drain, therefore you have an idea of what can possibly come back up into your basement. Hint: it isn’t clean water. A backwater valve install is crucial to reduce the risk of contaminating not only your valuables but the construction materials in your basement. The wastewater that comes back up is very hazardous and has the potential to cause mold growth and contamination that can cause serious health concerns.

At Trouble Shooters, our plumbers have done backwater valve install in a variety of Toronto homes and businesses. We have the expertise to complete your job safely and efficiently. Our plumbers have been providing property owners in Toronto with superior service since 1944. Call us today to learn more about our backwater valve install service or to book a consultation regarding a backwater valve 416-291-9444.

Toronto water lines - rebates available

Toronto Backwater Valve Rebate Program

If you are a resident of Toronto you are entitled to the Backwater Valve Rebate Program! However, the work must be completed by a licensed plumber, be inspected by a City appointed inspector, and have all the necessary paperwork filled out.

The City of Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program: offering a financial subsidy of up to $3,400 per property to install flood protection devices (backwater valves).

Eligible backwater valve work:

  • Installation/ install a backwater valve on main drain
  • Replacement of existing backwater valve
  • Installation of alarm for backwater valve

Available subsidy = 80% of the invoiced cost. Up to a maximum of $1,250 regardless of the number of devices installed at the property. Including eligible labour, materials, permit and taxes. All work must be carried out by a plumber, licensed by the City. Learn more from the City here.