pipe thawingProtecting your home to avoid frozen pipes during the long Canadians winters is an essential part of home ownership. During the long spells of artic temperatures, it’s important to keep the water flowing throughout your interior plumbing system, even a little bit helps. The cost of the extra water is typically lower than the cost of repairing a broken or frozen pipe or the damage it could cause.

Any outdoor pipes are more vulnerable to freezing because they are obviously outside and therefore directly effected by the weather and temperatures. Make sure to disconnect hoses and water sprinklers. Or if you have an irrigation system, ensure to have it drained before the temperature dips. These pipes can become frozen fast and repairing them may be costly. Avoid frozen pipes in your irrigation system by paying special attention to these outdoor complex systems. You may even consider hiring a company to ensure they are winterized properly.

To avoid frozen pipes indoors, make sure to insulate any of them that run outside or are in a drafty place, such as crawl spaces, basements, garages and exterior walls. Foam insulation is readily available and goes a long way in keeping the heat inside the pipes and reducing their potential to become frozen.

If you’re going on vacation and want to turn down the heat considerably, make sure not to turn it off completely. The pipes will need some warmth to keep them flowing. Also, leaving a tap on just a trickle can prevent water from lying in the pipes for too long and avoid frozen pipes.

It is also essential that you know where to shut your water off. It is the valve at the entry point of your water supply and is typically located in a basement cellar. Check this valve regularly. As they age they can rust closed and in older homes become too rusted to turn fully off. An emergency is not the right time to find out you can’t shut the water off. Furthermore, if you are unable to avoid frozen pipes and have to call in a plumber, this valve must be working to better perform their duties.

Inspecting your plumbing for potential problems during the changing seasons can end up saving you huge frustration and expense down the road. We always advise our customers to be prepared and know what they can do to avoid frozen pipes from happening. If you have any questions or have a frozen pipe emergency call us at 416-291-9444. We have a pipe thawing machine that can get you going in no time!