3 Common Mistakes that lead to a sink backup

3 Common Mistakes that lead to a sink backup

Clogged Kitchen Sink

The sinks in your home are one of the most highly used plumbing fixtures you have. From cooking to washing, crafts to cleaning, your sink takes a lot of abuse every day. Keeping your sink running and free from a sink back up is essential to daily life. Other than occasional maintenance, the best way to preserve the functionality is to be mindful about what you are putting down the drain. 

Here are 3 common mistakes that can

lead to a sink back up:

Too much grease

Grease is one of the top reasons for a sink backup. This sticky substance starts off liquid when it is hot, but quickly becomes a sticky solid in your drain when it cools. Overtime grease will coat the walls of your drain, attracting other solids to attach to it and eventually building up to cause a sink back up. Grease can cause major blockages in your drains. Always pour grease in a left-over container which can be thrown away in the garbage.

Large particles

As we wash our dishes, we often rinse left over food down the drain. Over time large food particles like rice or pasta can cause blockages. Especially when combined with sticky substances like coffee grounds or grease. Dishes should always be scrapped into garbage before washing or being put in a dishwasher.


Conveniently located in front of a mirror, your bathroom sinks are the best place to shave or brush your hair every day. Over time hair, soap scum, toothpaste etc can build up into a serious sink back up. Try using a container to catch hair from shaving and dispose of it in the garbage or down the toilet. Your toilet drain is much larger and can dispose of it easier.

Experiencing a sink back up?

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