Get a look inside your drains with a video inspection

From gurgling drains to a back up in your basement, if you really want to get a clear idea of what is going on in your drains you should get a video inspection. With this advanced technology, a plumber is able to get a real-time picture of what is causing the obstruction or issue. Having this clear picture allows them to diagnose the issue faster and provide a better-suited solution.

How video inspection works:

A plumber will feed an inspecting line down the drain that is having the issue. This line has a small camera placed into it that feeds back an image of the drains inner walls. This image is displayed in real time to the plumber on the instruments monitor.

Video Inspections Take Out the Guess Work

It is clearly impossible to be able to see what is happening in a pipe that is under the ground or inside a wall. A plumber can make an educated, guess but it is only a theory of what is going on. To truly know and diagnose properly a camera inspection is often the best option.

We have encountered many issues that look to be one thing on the surface and end up being caused by an obstruction further down the line. Without doing a camera inspection an issue might not get completely resolved.

Save Time And Money

We understand that your time is valuable and finding a solution is top priority when it comes to hiring a professional. The most rewarding benefit to doing a camera inspection is that it takes very little time to investigate an issue. Often resulting in a faster solution that saves you money.

We often provide our customers with a video inspection after major work has been done. This allows us to triple check that the problem has been solved and provide you with video proof of the resolution.

Trouble Shooters trained technicians are equipped with the latest video inspection technology to make the diagnosis quick and the repair efficient. To learn more or to schedule service call us at 416-291-9444.